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Singapore residential property market trend for Oct 2019

As investors who are learning how and where to invest money in Singapore, it is important to constantly look at data which tells you the pulse of both the economy and major asset classes. One of the most important indicator to look at is the private property market. This is because private properties are often […]

Capitaland Commercial Trust: Is Wework a cause for concern?

21 Collyer Quay Wework Tenancy Implications

Background In recent weeks, the botched Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Wework has created heightened fears that local office property managers will be adversely affected. One of the main reasons why investors are concerned is because of the ~US 900 million operating loss that was disclosed in the IPO Prospectus. Despite strong membership growth, the […]

REIT News: Mapletree Industrial Trust acquisition of Data Centers

Mapletree Industrial went into a joint venture with its sponsor, Mapletree Investment Trust, to acquire a portfolio of 10 Powered Shell Data Centers. The properties are valued at USD 557.3 million. The Joint venture in turn went into another Joint Venture with Digital Realty, 8th largest publicly traded REIT in the US, to invest in […]

Why inflation is important for investors

There have been much discussion about the inflation in Singapore, and you can check out the latest inflation number from our consumer price index july 2019 update. While, inflation is a number widely reported in the press, not many people really know what inflation is and its implication for investors. In order to know how […]