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What is the formula and definition of net operating margin

formula and definition of net operating margin

In trying to build a REIT information base for Singaporeans who are wondering how to invest money in Singapore as a beginner, we can’t run away from the all important net operating margin. Net Operating Income is the amount of income that can be generated from the property after the deduction of operating expenses. Hence […]

Capitaland Commercial Trust: Is Wework a cause for concern?

21 Collyer Quay Wework Tenancy Implications

Background In recent weeks, the botched Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Wework has created heightened fears that local office property managers will be adversely affected. One of the main reasons why investors are concerned is because of the ~US 900 million operating loss that was disclosed in the IPO Prospectus. Despite strong membership growth, the […]

What Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI) is and why it’s important

What is Asset Enhancement Initiatives and why is it important for property managers? Those who are learning about where to invest their money in Singapore for beginners will have came across the notion of Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI) when they do their research on REITs and Property Managers. One good example will be the clarke […]